[wp-testers] Absolute URLs hard-coded on database

Toby Simmons toby at simmonsconsulting.com
Wed Mar 18 17:55:37 GMT 2009

Yes I actually have read the entire thread here

I understand people have reasons for the way things are, but I was just
voicing my opinion, perhaps to sway others into agreeing.

Thanks, Matt.

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> > Count me as one who is unhappy with it. Why not default to using
> *relative* urls? That way, it doesn't matter what the domain is? Is
> there something inherently evil about relative urls? Anytime I do
> development, that's what I use so that transferring to domains is a
> cinch.
> Not to be rude.  But have any of you actually read the threads
> provided at the URLs provided earlier?  Reading through them might
> give you information that will help you better understand why things
> are the way they are.

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