[wp-testers] Absolute URLs hard-coded on database

Toby Simmons toby at simmonsconsulting.com
Wed Mar 18 16:06:03 GMT 2009

Count me as one who is unhappy with it. Why not default to using *relative* urls? That way, it doesn't matter what the domain is? Is there something inherently evil about relative urls? Anytime I do development, that's what I use so that transferring to domains is a cinch.

> >
> > Is there anybody out there who is also unhappy with
> Yes, many, many, (many, many) users are unhappy about it.
> > this and is there any
> > effort to get rid of this? Id love to help on this refactor...
> Ask the core devs. I see many points realted to this and would love
> to see
> them solved:
> 1.) Domain-Handling: Wordpress should auto-detect the domain (drupal
> does
> this quite well). For the circumstances this does not work out, it
> could
> be overridden with an option.
> 2.) Links in Posts: Links to Images and/or Attachments of a Post
> (WordPress-Internal Links) do not work out very well. Links should be
> relative to the Blobs installation base.
> For 2.) I think the major Problem is to get this working right with
> the
> WYSIWYG Editor. For the Output on the Frontend, it should be no
> problem. I
> think the Major thing is for the Editor in the Backend here. The
> Editor
> must support to transpose Links to Images while provide it editable.
> No
> Idea if the JS-Editors pplz. have solved such a thing or not.
> The workaround so far is to search and replace the adresses inside
> the
> data when moving to another server. Anyway, Drupal has not solved the
> Staging Issues (dev -> test -> live) completely as well.
> -- Tom

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