[wp-testers] Plugin update not working

Paul Robinson pablorobinson at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 13:43:01 GMT 2009

Just thought I'd add my 2 cents. I've just tried to upgrade a plugin and
gotten a "domain lookup failed: timeout" error. Then I tried about 5 minutes
later and all is fine... Bit strange. :)


2009/1/3 DD32 <wordpress at dd32.id.au>

> 2009/1/3 Stephen Rider <wp-hackers at striderweb.com>:
> > I'm quite sure something changed with WP 2.7.  This all worked before --
> I
> > didn't change MAMP, but I did upgrade WP.  Though again, it *was* working
> > with WP 2.7 betas, so maybe something else on my computer is screwy....
> The orders of the transports may've been changed, Theres 5 HTTP
> transports as you can see, I think one of them was higher than cURL at
> one point, so curl probably wasnt used.. It could also be that the
> code that was working before hadnt been converted to the new HTTP API
> when you were testing..
> > It's a pretty precise 50%.  Update checking worked (seemingly) normally,
> but
> > actual updates failed every time.
> Since it works half the time, and only on specific requests, It sounds
> like its having problem with the request being made, It might be that
> it doesnt like binary data, or a hostname.. Whilst that may sound
> stupid.. well.. it is stupid..
> > BTW, I updated your core plugin this morning, and now the front page is
> > blank.  (The one that lets me turn modules on/off.)
> Grrr. I commited what i had to SVN last night, Turns out the
> WordPress.org packer decided that it'd offer that update to everyone
> (even though it has no readme.txt).. The actual problem is the 'inc'
> folder got deleted, The WordPress.org plugin packer doesnt include
> svn:externals, http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/8611 which is a major
> anoyance to me.. I like the idea of having a common svn:external i can
> rely upon..
> (Hmm..  Maybe it just doesnt like non-wordpress.org externals? Maybe i
> should try that..)
> You can create a folder 'inc' and add this file to it:
> http://svn.dd32.id.au/wp-plugin-dd32-common-class/class.dd32.php to
> get it working again if you wish :)
> > You might put in a module that shows everything in the wp-cron and allows
> > the user to run them with a button.  A sort of stripped-down crontrol.
> Sounds good to me :) Never thought of cron
> > You could also put in something that shows the wp-rewrite info and/or the
> > mod_rewrite stuff that WP writes to .htaccess
> Could be useful too, Thanks :)
> > As for existing "one-liner" plugins, how about...
> >
> > Toggle post revisions and autosave:
> >
> http://exper.3drecursions.com/2008/07/25/disable-revisions-and-autosave-plugin/
> I was toying with the idea of if i should rewrite 'Revision Control':
> http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/revision-control/ to be a module
> (I've got to rewrite it eitherway), but think i'll leave that as a
> separate plugin, its not really aimed at developers.. I might include
> a striped down version though.
> > At any rate, you might set your plugin up so that third-party devs can
> make
> > modules.  That probably includes making a "module" folder *outside* of
> your
> > plugin's folder, so the third-party modules are not overwritten on
> > auto-update.  (I really wish WordPress would figure out a standard for
> such
> > things -- there are a lot of plugins that allows third-party add-on
> files.)
> Yeah.. I'm supposed to be rewriting part of the plugin upgrader for
> trunk right now.. i was going to work something like that in.. but..
> its difficult for plugins which were not automatically
> upgraded/installed, the upgrader changes the foldername to the
> wordpress.org slug, ie. 'dd32-revision-control' now becomes
> 'revision-control', and it'd have to manually move the files it was
> told not to delete into the new folder in the right place, etc..
> Thanks for your feedback :)
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