[wp-testers] Plugin update not working

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Sat Jan 3 00:04:32 GMT 2009

2009/1/3 Stephen Rider <wp-hackers at striderweb.com>:
> I'm quite sure something changed with WP 2.7.  This all worked before -- I
> didn't change MAMP, but I did upgrade WP.  Though again, it *was* working
> with WP 2.7 betas, so maybe something else on my computer is screwy....

The orders of the transports may've been changed, Theres 5 HTTP
transports as you can see, I think one of them was higher than cURL at
one point, so curl probably wasnt used.. It could also be that the
code that was working before hadnt been converted to the new HTTP API
when you were testing..

> It's a pretty precise 50%.  Update checking worked (seemingly) normally, but
> actual updates failed every time.

Since it works half the time, and only on specific requests, It sounds
like its having problem with the request being made, It might be that
it doesnt like binary data, or a hostname.. Whilst that may sound
stupid.. well.. it is stupid..

> BTW, I updated your core plugin this morning, and now the front page is
> blank.  (The one that lets me turn modules on/off.)

Grrr. I commited what i had to SVN last night, Turns out the
WordPress.org packer decided that it'd offer that update to everyone
(even though it has no readme.txt).. The actual problem is the 'inc'
folder got deleted, The WordPress.org plugin packer doesnt include
svn:externals, http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/8611 which is a major
anoyance to me.. I like the idea of having a common svn:external i can
rely upon..
(Hmm..  Maybe it just doesnt like non-wordpress.org externals? Maybe i
should try that..)
You can create a folder 'inc' and add this file to it:
http://svn.dd32.id.au/wp-plugin-dd32-common-class/class.dd32.php to
get it working again if you wish :)

> You might put in a module that shows everything in the wp-cron and allows
> the user to run them with a button.  A sort of stripped-down crontrol.

Sounds good to me :) Never thought of cron

> You could also put in something that shows the wp-rewrite info and/or the
> mod_rewrite stuff that WP writes to .htaccess

Could be useful too, Thanks :)

> As for existing "one-liner" plugins, how about...
> Toggle post revisions and autosave:
> http://exper.3drecursions.com/2008/07/25/disable-revisions-and-autosave-plugin/

I was toying with the idea of if i should rewrite 'Revision Control':
http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/revision-control/ to be a module
(I've got to rewrite it eitherway), but think i'll leave that as a
separate plugin, its not really aimed at developers.. I might include
a striped down version though.

> At any rate, you might set your plugin up so that third-party devs can make
> modules.  That probably includes making a "module" folder *outside* of your
> plugin's folder, so the third-party modules are not overwritten on
> auto-update.  (I really wish WordPress would figure out a standard for such
> things -- there are a lot of plugins that allows third-party add-on files.)

Yeah.. I'm supposed to be rewriting part of the plugin upgrader for
trunk right now.. i was going to work something like that in.. but..
its difficult for plugins which were not automatically
upgraded/installed, the upgrader changes the foldername to the
wordpress.org slug, ie. 'dd32-revision-control' now becomes
'revision-control', and it'd have to manually move the files it was
told not to delete into the new folder in the right place, etc..

Thanks for your feedback :)

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