[wp-testers] WP 2.6 running slow

Kirk M kmb42vt at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 14:39:11 GMT 2008

Gene and Rick,

I have to agree with Rick in this case. If I were running both Akismet 
and something like Defensio at the same time then your point would be 
valid. A bit like the old "standard" of runnning Akismet and "Bad 
Behavior" together. Regarding that, WP SpamFree and Aksimet also work in 
two completely different (and compatible) ways; Akismet using an 
off-site service and SpamFree being strictly "on-site". Even SpamFree's 
author recommends running Akismet to pick up anything that SpamFree 
might miss if the user chooses to do so.

Be that as it may, I agree that there are more different configurations 
of WP setups/Server/host setups out there than you could possibly count. 
Still, other WP folks besides myself seem to be having the same problem, 
the problem has not occured with previous versions and 2.6.1 (current 
builds) seems to eliminate the problem so will this will probably end up 
as "just one of those things". The ironic thing is that most problems of 
this nature are usually accompanied by several solid error callouts or 
at least something rather obvious to start troubleshooting with. This is 
more like a ghost in the maching type of thing. I'm still looking though.

Rick Beckman wrote:
> Running both WP-SpamFree&  Akismet isn't a waste; if anything, it's smart or
> at least smarter. Spam free blocks a lot of spam, but if it comes from a
> human, it's pretty ineffective. In that event, Akismet is there to catch
> what gets through.
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> On Sat, Aug 2, 2008 at 8:13 PM, Gene Steinberg<gene at macnightowl.com>  wrote:
>> On Aug 2, 2008, at 10:35 AM, Kirk M wrote:
>>   Another thing worth noting was that deactivating all the plugins sped
>>> things up quite a bit with 2.6 however, doing the same thing in 2.6.1, the
>>> difference in speed of the Admin is negligible whether all plugins are
>>> activated or not. The admin remains quick and responsive. The only solid
>>> thing I can say at this point is that no matter how I reactivated the
>>> plugins as in what order, one at a time, separate groups of plugins,
>>> whatever, the ultimate result was the more plugins that were activated, the
>>> slower the response of the Admin. The 2.6.1 builds do not exhibit this
>>> problem at all and neither did 2.5.1. The only other thing I can say for
>>> use now is that the more the 2.6 Admin was used, the slower it got.
>>> And just to say I did, here's a list of the current plugins on all 3 sites
>>> (updated to the latest version of course):
>> This may not mean much, since configurations can vary tremendously.
>> I have 24/25 plugins running. I can send you the list if you wish, but I do
>> run many of the ones you have.
>> I'm using 2.6, release version, and I have not tried any of the 2.6.1
>> betas.
>> I do not have any slowdowns, Google XML Sitemaps handles my blog in 2.05
>> seconds, based on current testing.
>> Oh yes, other than its simple contact manager, I fail to see a
>> justification for running two spam filters. Either take Akismet or
>> WP-SpamFree. Running both is an absolute waste, like running two virus
>> detection utilities on a PC.
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