[wp-testers] Experimental HTTP API

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sun Aug 3 03:14:12 GMT 2008

The HTTP API has been committed to the trunk yesterday and should be 
considered experimental prior to further testing and debugging. It would 
be great if people can test it. Mostly the only two parts of WordPress 
that are affected are the Cron and WordPress updater checking. If you 
experience problems with the cron not running, then basically this is 
the reason why.

The five classes are Fsockopen, fopen, Streams, Curl, and the HTTP 
extension. Mostly, if you are using PHP5 and the HTTP extension is being 
used, then the HTTP extension class will be used. If not, then Curl will 
be used. If Curl extension is not enabled, then the Streams will be used.

Currently only one class will be used. If it fails, then you're pretty 
much screwed. Err, sorry. I'm working on getting that fixed. If you have 
any ideas or patches, then they are welcomed.

Jacob Santos

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