[wp-testers] Re: Gears not working?

Jonathan Gabor jgabor at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 21:39:25 GMT 2008

Oh my... I feel so stupid right now. 30sec after I sent the mail, I found
the "Turbo"-link.
And I remembered that I had read about it just a little while ago... I even
still had the page opened in a another tab.

Please ignore this mail. :)

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 11:20 PM, Jonathan Gabor <jgabor at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is it just me that's not getting a "This page wants to use Gears" thingie?
> Works fine for rememberthemilk.com and other sites utilizing Gears.
> Have I missed an option or setting some where?
> Running Fx 3.0.1 (Vista x64) with Gears

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