[wp-testers] "Ready for upgrade" script...

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 10:37:22 GMT 2007

[Ryan wrote>
rss-functions.php and registration-functions.php being renamed will trip some plugins.  Maybe we should put those back for the sake back compat. They would be one liners that just require the new files.---]

Sounds like a good plan Ryan. However, with some "word" out about this now , (Example: My two blog posts (like they get read by tons, pfft, but still!) , not sure how many other's posted on this, and a theme author posting a comment on my one blog post. Not to mention the others getting "word" through this list, and I believe hackers too..) 

Michael Adams just made up a new bbPress /2.1 integration plugin:

My two blog post's: 
(Inregards to the: bbPress /2.1 integration plugin)
(Inregards to the: FlickrRSS plugin)

Sociable is now updated:

How would/could/should we go about handling this? Well, maybe I could take down the two blog posts of mine, and let everyone know those file name's were changed back? 

Also, I suppose if those were changed back quickly, "we" might save the "masses" from getting "word".. Also, "we" could update (send emails to) those few people about the change back of their names, maybe? ... 

[Ryan wrote>
I'm not sure why a plugin would include these.  They are already included every time WP loads.---]

I'm not sure either. =/ I'm not even sure which plugin(s) Kai and Edwin are using either, I don't think they've said. 

Hmm.. I guess it's your call Ryan.. =P =)  

/Now, me snaps into a Slim Jim.. Mmm, good! 


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