[wp-testers] About DB Backup

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 19:30:44 GMT 2006

On 9/25/06, Ryan Boren <ryan at boren.nu> wrote:
> We originally included the DB backup plugin because we didn't offer a
> proper exporter.  Import/export has long been on the to-do but no one
> has stepped up.  Finally, Matt and some others wrote an exporter and
> made it happen.  Since the DB backup plugin is currently unmaintained
> and since we now have an exporter, the backup plugin was dropped.  If
> someone wants to pick up the backup plugin, have at it.  As for core, I
> think we should build upon the exporter.  Ideas for allowing plugins to
> hook into import/export are welcome.  Also, we have a built-in
> psuedo-cron implementation in 2.1 that can be used to add scheduling
> features to the exporter either as a core feature or as a plugin.

I have a patch coming tonight to do some things with the exporter. It
adds a new function to return the export, not echo it (almost
complete, there's one function that for a plugin I had to write ob
support, and so we need to add a get_ version to that tag). I have a
plugin to mail it to the administrator bundled with my upcoming
Scheduled Events plugin, a frontend to the psuedo-cron implementation.
Like I said on the other thread, more details tonight.

While this is all great, and I do like the idea of XML import and
output,  I don't think the DB backup plugin should be dropped from the
core at this point. Why? Because of the security issues. People
upgrading from 2.0.4 or previous directly to 2.1 still have the old,
vulnerable backup plugin. Most people won't know its even been dropped
because you are instructed not to delete anything in your wp-content
folder on upgrade. And no, I do not think that instructing users to
get rid of the backup plugin is enough, it adds more complexity to the
upgrade docs and nobody would listen anyways.

--Robert Deaton

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