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Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Thu Sep 14 16:42:39 GMT 2006

Fullo wrote:
>you should use the akismet.php class
Thanks for the code!

How polite is it to spread the use of Akismet?  Right, now I 
use a combo of oh 4 or 5 DNSBL checks to block registration on 
my VBulletin sites.  It's worked really well for the last two 
years.  In the last two weeks, Registration bots are starting 
to pop up now that aren't from spamming addresses known to the 
DNSBLs yet.  

I could Akismet comments for posters with a count < 5. If this 
became popular, and Akismet was trained, it would be a fairly 
effective way to block these VBulletin bots.  IIRC the Akismet 
pages invited other uses. Is VBulletin too far out of bounds?

Brian Layman

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