[wp-testers] Compatible Plugin List for 2.1alpha1

spencerp psgif180 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 17 05:14:42 GMT 2006

In case this hasn't gone through the last time... =/ And this is only for "testing" purposes as well.. I did this all out of curiosity to see how my "current" plugins would work on 2.1 alpha1..

I know this might not be that important. But I just wanted to share with everyone, the plugins I have so far, which seem to be working with the 2.1 alpha1 test blog I have.

I have tried these on a Windows based computer, running XP home edition, with the lastest Firefox as well as IE6, on a my host's Linux server. 

Akismet    1.14    

BAStats  1.0ß build 8  

Bad Behavior  1.2.4  

Blacklist  2.6

Get Recent Comments  1.2 
Live Comment Preview  1.7
Spam Karma 2  2.2 r3  

Site Unavailable  1.0

WordPress Database Backup  1.7 

//-----------GamerZ's Plugins ---------------\\
WP-Print  2.01 + 

WP-UserOnline  2.02

WP-Stats    2.02

WP-DBManager   2.02
Seems to work for the most part, however, there is a header already sent error message when trying to download a copy of the backup. 

I have already left GamerZ know via MSN Messenger about it and he's made a note of it. The following error was:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/twisteds/public_html/alpha/wp-admin/admin-header.php:16) in /home/twisteds/public_html/alpha/wp-content/plugins/dbmanager/database-manage.php on line 119

\\-------------- End Of GamerZ Plugin List -------------//

//----------- Plugins That Are Iffy or Don't Work --------\\

Custom Posts Per Page   1.0

I'm not sure about at this time, I don't have alot of posts on the test blog to work with, but will update about this one later..
RunPHP     1.2b4

I don't believe this works well with 2.1alpha1, because I have the SRG Clean Archives plugin on there, enabled both and tried to get the Archives to show up on a Page, and it just displays the "Call Tag" for the Archives, nothing else.

SRG Clean Archives    1.5

I'm not too sure about this one, as I can't get it to work with RunPHP 1.2b4 =/  But I'll try some other various Clean Archive Plugins once...see what happens..

[[-------------- End Of Plugins List ----------------]]

Again, I'm not sure if this is that important or not, but just thought I'd share with everyone what plugins I have currently working or not, with the 2.1alpha1 version of WP. 

As I try more out later on, I'll keep the list updated. I might even make a post about this on the Support Forums, just to keep a record of it, incase some informations get lost.. Thanks for your time. 


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