[wp-testers] tickets and patches

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 12:50:48 GMT 2006

[Mark wrote>
A trailing \n after ?> isn't going to hurt anything, but anything  
else will.  If the trailing \n that some WP files have were going to  cause problems, we'd be seeing errors.  Those kinds of bugs don't hide for long!]

Um, ok. [scratches head].. I guess I'm just confused about the new line character, to a whatever else then.. =/  To me, it's whitespace, because after all, it's white there.. nothing else. 

After looking at diffs that were already submitted to clean up some white space, it looks just like what I was doing.. except at the end of the file, rather then through the codes.. I had the cursor right after the: ?> and hit delete.. and "refreshed" the file.. and it was gone.. 

But again, like I said in last email.. some WP files were the culprit of having trailing "whitespace/new line characters", and "we" volunteers directed them to the Codex for solving that problem.. I guess I was just trying to "help" eliminate the possibilities of numerous of "headers already sent" threads before hand.. (Also, it's not *always* the WP files though, there is plugin files as the culprits too).. ;) :) 

I'm not trying to sound mean, or whatever.. I'm basically just publicly admitting that I'm dumb for the most part, with PHP, and some other coding languages.. :(   

(Most are probably wondering, why does he want to learn how to make diffs for, if he's "dumb" with PHP codes anyway?) I guess it's because I'd like to learn everything, that everyone has learnt. And, hopefully I'll be able to learn PHP as well then.. 

[Mark wrote>
And definitely do one patch.  We appreciate it when they're done from the WP root, too, instead of in a subdirectory like wp-admin/ or wp-includes/  ]

The way I had done it, was, I "supposedly fixed" those files, saved the file, they had the RED circle on them, with the white "!", then.. I went to the TRUNK folder on desktop.. right clicked, and selected the Create Patch option .. and saved the diff into a folder on the Desktop.. for just Diffs..  I'm assuming this is how you'd like it done? :) 

[Mark wrote>
Consult tickets that have patches and have been committed for an idea of what the result should look like. ]

Ok. Thanks Mark.. :)  


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