[wp-testers] WordPress 2.0.6 Beta 1

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Fri Dec 8 14:41:25 GMT 2006

Is it normal to have tickets, in the release list, that have not had any
code changes made to them?

I did a summary of what's changed with 2.0.6
(http://www.thecodecave.com/article291) and two of the 11 issues had no code
changes done.  With just 11 changes (so far) in this release, these really
stand out (see http://trac.wordpress.org/milestone/2.0.6).  With a couple
hundred tickets, it would probably be unnoticeable.  As is, its almost 20%
of the issues that should be ignored (ok 18.2).  Can these be moved out of
the 2.0.6 deliverable?

Also, please let me know if you feel I've mischaracterized any of these.


Brian Layman

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