[wp-testers] yahoo host - 202 to 206 upgrade - database error on upgrade..

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 10:21:15 GMT 2006

I know this is a BOOK, but, just wanted to share this thread with you all. It involved a database error on the Upgrade Success page...

WordPress database error: [Access denied for user 'hisusername'@'localhost' to database 'blog']
ALTER TABLE wp_posts ADD KEY post_status (post_status)

While I was upgrading someone's blog to the 2.0.6-beta1, from a 2.0.2 version...

Turned out to be a privilege issue on the blog's database user itself. 

Figured, why bother doing the 2.0.5 lol. And when more latest SVN branch files come out, I'll just upload ONLY the latest ones..  But, the weird thing was too, he was getting the old "You don't have permission to do that." message, when trying to delete the post, under Manage => Posts section.

And after double checking his user tables, and compared to Podz's "Recover Admin Role" guide, his table informations were correct.. =/ 

But, that thread explains what I had done.. in a lengthy detail. =P


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