[wp-testers] Error in post.php on line 942

Rimas Abromavičius Chionsas at ktug.lt
Wed Dec 6 18:08:23 GMT 2006


am I the only one getting this error? :

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in
D:\wwwroot\sitename\wp-includes\post.php on line 942
When saving a page via "Save and continue editing" or "Save".

It's there for a week or so and doesn't seem to get fixed..

I'm running the latest WP2.1 nightly on Windows Server 2003
with PHP 5.0.5 and MySQL 4.1.13a.
The /wp-content/cache folder is writable, though that doesn't
seem to do anything.

Any ideas? Solutions? :)


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