[wp-testers] Upgrading.

Jibben Nee ziddey at ijib.com
Sat Mar 26 05:44:36 GMT 2005

That's what it did for me. I haven't looked into the code, but my guess is 
that it read the config file and checked that there was already content in 
the mysql database? Just a guess, but it did tell me it's already installed.
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>I have a question regarding upgrading. There have been a lot of WP support 
>forum questions that have arisen because of upgrade problems. Specifically, 
>some of the problems are caused by people running the install.php script 
>prior to running the upgrade.php script.
> My question is this:
> Would it be possible to design the install so that it auto-detects a 
> previous version and then prompts the user that an upgrade will be done if 
> they so choose?
> Essentially what I'm asking is there a way to simply "install" any version 
> without having to ensure that people run an upgrade first? It would seem 
> more logical to simply have a person only have to run the install and then 
> that script guides them through a new install or the upgrade.
> I hope that this makes sense.
> Craig.
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