[wp-testers] Upgrading.

Craig Hartel craig at nuclearmoose.com
Sat Mar 26 05:36:20 GMT 2005

I have a question regarding upgrading. There have been a lot of WP support forum 
questions that have arisen because of upgrade problems. Specifically, some of 
the problems are caused by people running the install.php script prior to 
running the upgrade.php script.

My question is this:
Would it be possible to design the install so that it auto-detects a previous 
version and then prompts the user that an upgrade will be done if they so choose?

Essentially what I'm asking is there a way to simply "install" any version 
without having to ensure that people run an upgrade first? It would seem more 
logical to simply have a person only have to run the install and then that 
script guides them through a new install or the upgrade.

I hope that this makes sense.


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