[wp-testers] Dashboard Scheduled Entries

Caitlin O'Neill caitlin at oneill.net
Mon Mar 21 14:50:17 GMT 2005

John Hesch wrote: 
"Hello, I'm running 1.5 2005-02-21 and in the dashboard under Scheduled 
Entries it lists an entry and says that it is scheduled in 8 hours but 
when I check the post it is scheduled in one hour. Anyone else notice 
this? Has this been recognized and fixed in recent nightly releases?"

I hadn't noticed that behavior before, but I'm using the 2005-03-06, so 
I checked it out. It seems 8 hours is the minimum display value. I did a 
post for 15 minutes in the future, and dashboard said it was scheduled 
in 8 hours. I then made posts that were scheduled for 1 and 2 hours from 
now. In the dashboard, they were listed as 9 and 10 hours, respectively. 
However, they did get posted at the time I originally intended.


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