[wp-testers] Introductions

Stefano steagl at people.it
Sun Mar 6 17:26:34 GMT 2005

Following other that already did here I am :)

I'm Stefano Aglietti. Using WP since september 2004 for my blog,
actually using 1.5 Stryhorn on my blog, but i keep asome local copy
runnin on my PC for test purpose (every new version got tested locally
before to go online. Till now my WP blog works smoothly.

I'm involved into translation of WP in Italian and i'm the coordinator
for the italian translation team, actually i'm hosting under my site a
forum (based on bbPress) and a wiki all in italian.

The Italian translation tema aim to give to italian user community
support in theyr naive language spreading the use of WP in the blogger
italian community

My blog is: http://www.40annibuttati.it
Forum is: http://www.40annibuttati.it/fourum
Wiki: http://www.40annibuttati.it/wiki

Forum and wiki will be soon (i hope next week) moved into a specifica

I mantain a check on SVN for bbPress, wp-i18n and WP-SVN all updated
daily to be always updated with latest version. Cause my not so
perfect english i can't contribute to codex but i translate form it to
italian wiki and I joined this list to stay pdated and hoping to give
helps in future WP release.


Stefano Aglietti - StallonIt on IRCnet - ICQ#: 2078431
Email: steagl at people.it - steagl at despammed.com
BlogPage: http://www.40annibuttati.it/
PGP keys available on keyservers  (cripted & signed PGP mail welcome)

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