[wp-testers] Introductions

Dave Metzener wptesters at metzener.com
Sun Mar 6 16:47:52 GMT 2005

Following on the same theme as Luc, I'm Dave Metzener. I've been running 
WP since a little after the beginning of the year. Started with 1.2.2, 
then after talking to a few people running the nightly builds of 1.5, I 
joined them.

Prior to WP, I ran, ExpressionEngine, MoveableType, phpBB, pMachine, 
Greymatter, as well as hand updating the site. I currently run the 
2-21-2005 nightly build at http://www.daveschalkboard.com. I currently 
have EE and MT installed on a domain I used to use.

Like Luc, I have rarely seen any problems with WP while running beta's. 
I suppose that's a testament of how well the folks writing the code do 
their job.

I'll do my best to help with the development effort. I'm a Java 
programmer by profession, however, I love programming in general and 
enjoy learning new languages. I have been "testing the waters" of PHP 
these last few weeks and find it refreshing.

I would like to see the Documentation on the WordPress Codex be improved 
greatly. I always find myself wandering all over that site only to not 
find what I am looking for, or finding a small snippit of what I need 
someplace somewhat related. Latest example was the do_action() method. I 
wasn't aware that it had to go into some of the theme files. I had a 
plugin that was suppoed to be clearing out data in the DB when the 
footer was displayed, yet because the theme I was using didn't use 
do_action(), it wasn't executing. I found out about do_action() by 
looking at the default theme. Didn't find the do_action() method at all 
in the Template Tags page where I feel it should go.


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