[wp-testers] is tiny-mce broken on Camino/Safari or is that my misconfiguration?

Mike Little mike at zed1.com
Thu Dec 8 09:46:13 GMT 2005

On 08/12/05, Andy Skelton <skeltoac at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 12/8/05, Mike Little <mike at zed1.com> wrote:
> > Is there a fall-back for a non-ajax image upload and tag insert?
> The image uploading is not ajax, it uses an iframe. I am making it
> work as uniformly as possible with JS. Consideration for non-JS users
> is pretty slight at this point.
> AJAXcat is what it is... turn off JS and see how it works.
> Andy
> _______________________________________________

I'm more concerned about non-mouse users. Is there any way to insert
the image tag without having to drag with a mouse?

There are a not-inconsiderable number of users for whom mouse use in
general and drag and drop in particular are difficult if not

It is possible, albeit awkward,  to use the current (1.5+) upload
system to upload an image and insert the tag into a post. The previous
version (< 1.5) was better, because it didn't interrupt the workflow
and could insert the tag into the post for you.

This new version allows the upload without the mouse, but it seems to
be IMPOSSIBLE to take that last step and get the code into the post.

This is a MASSIVE step backwards for usability, making WordPress
completely UNUSABLE for a whole class of people. This is not really
very good at all for an application which purports to be standards

It seems that the usability report published earlier this year has now
been completely forgotten in favour of sexy WYSIWYG interfaces.

I won't even get into the fact that the WYSIWYG interface still
insists on REMOVING code that I add to my post!

Mike Little

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