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Stefano steagl at people.it
Tue Feb 28 19:12:01 GMT 2006

Il Tue, 28 Feb 2006 19:30:43 +0100, Pandem <pandemtandem at gmail.com>

>> That was asking about volunteers for different part of the WP world, I
>> proposed myself as the coordinator for all related to the I18N, we
>> havent' started yet really, i did a copuple of post here in previous
>> week.
>And how are other people that signed going to know what's going on? I 
>visit that page very often and have it on my watch list, but it hasn't 
>shown any updates except for new names adding to the lists.

We still have to start up, actually there is a lot of organization
works to do, Matt was busy in some travels, every section have to be
developped yet nand actually responsabilities are half-official, lot
of people ubscribed to collborate nbut few said they wish to lead a

>> Ofted discussione happens on the weekly meeting on IRC too.
>I saw that last week meeting had i18n as one of the topics; though I 
>joined quite late, I read the log but nothing was said about it.

I signed it in agenda then personal stuff didn't allow me to
partecipate, I didn't post it again thi week cause not sure if i will
be home tomorrow if i will it will be put on agenda again.

>I'm not sure that codex is a good workspace. If for one thing, it's 
>usually sooo slow... We have this list yet, and we could put to some use 
>the i18n irc channel Morgan Doocy set up one year ago (I used to hang 
>around from time to time just to wait for someone to join, but to no 
>avail) or set up a i18n blog somewhere. Anything a little more dynamic 
>than the codex, where you don't have to come back once and again to 
>watch the changes and can be up-to date without visiting many different 

This list is good for discussion, IRC should be, codex id dedicated to
put things on "paper" and have it as a reference point, sooner the
codex should switch to soemthing more performancing. If necessary we
can have other things, a blog in the wp.org space like
i18n.wordpress.org, w shoudl just ask Matt, he's open to any idean and

For the italian wiki i have a better page than the one on codex about
hot to internationalize a them or plugin, i can translate it in
english but someone with a better knoledge should revise it and adjust
grammrs etc.

>Glad to hear this, I've subscribed too many lists and feeds so I won't 
>be able to keep up with the hacker's one.

No problme i follow hackes, tester and polyglots and i will keep this
list informed.


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