[wp-polyglots] WP Translation Team

Evangelos Athanasiadis dyrer at freemail.gr
Mon Feb 6 20:36:51 GMT 2006

Stefano wrote:
> contribute at this page:
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Responsibilities/Translations
> I'm going to ask to expand this section not only to WP but to theme
> and plugins with the aim to have plugin & theme developers to produce
> code already full internationalized, defining a standard to let
> developpers inform translation teams about they new products and
> havint this certified in asort fo "WP I18N Complaint" marker to
> identify high quality and localizable products
> I suppose we are all working to theme and product , maybe helping
> developper doing the internazionalization, or maybe working diretly on
> theyr code, and then realising locale languages, would be nice if all
> this efforts will be coordinated and centralized to get the maxim
> results with the minum efforts.
> I thin the first step should be a list fo plugins and themes our teams
> have internationalized and localized so other teams can jump on them
> and make locale files.
This page must have a list of Official translation teams, and not anyone 
can make a translation by the way he likes

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