[wp-polyglots] introduction :-)

Tara Star tellme at climbtothestars.org
Wed Feb 16 05:58:10 GMT 2005


I'm Stephanie Booth (aka bunnywabbit_ on IRC). I don't speak Spanish (!) 
but I do speak French. I also know a smattering of German and Hindi and 
I can probably more or less understand some Italian if my life depends 
on it.

I'm interested in localization aspects, and also multilingual aspects of 
blogging with WordPress (ie, blogging in more than one language). My 
blog is French/English bilingual, like me.

As I was impatient to get the few linguistic hacks I was using cleaned 
up (while we wait for the exciting multilingual plugin), I quickly 
whipped up http://dev.wp-plugins.org/wiki/BasicBilingual

I have a vague dream of making a pre-bundled French WordPress version 
once the translation for 1.5 is ready. (Maybe with a couple of plugins 
and fun things in the bag, too.)

I've wanted more than once to participate in the localization effort for 
French. However, I've been halted by technical problems each time, and 
despite reading a couple of wiki pages on the topic, I'm still a bit in 
the fog about POs and MOs and POTs.

Happy to be here,

Steph aka bunny

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