[wp-hackers] Is this legal?

Mike Little wordpress at zed1.com
Wed Nov 17 09:32:42 UTC 2010

On 17 November 2010 08:35, Anthony Cole <anthony at radiopicture.com.au> wrote:

> Yes, unfortunately, it does lie within the bounds of the GPL as long as
> they've done attribution right.
> -ac
It's not 'unfortunate': it's what allows people to make money from GPL

There is no requirement for attribution with the GPL (there is with some of
the CC licenses, which are not as open and free as the GPL), only that
copyright notices are kept intact.

The website is selling a 'service' -- a virus checked version of the
software with a fast download!, and at the bottom of the
'send-an-SMS-to-pay-for-it' page, you can download the free un-virus-checked
version. I did, and can confirm that it is exactly the same as the version
you can get from wordpress.org (though one version behind the latest.)

They seem to be targeting the kind of 'customer' who would normally get
their 'free' software from a Warez site and regularly expect it to be a slow
download (if you don't pay) and a high probability of containing a virus.

*shrugs* nothing legally wrong here. Move on...

Mike Little

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