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Looks good. Only 10 things! Most of these are just general Codex guideline
stuff. This is brilliant and exactly what I was dreaming of!

NOTE FOR ALL: I adore the visual image under Login Hooks that we can all
use as an example of a great idea. It shows the login form with the filters
and actions for the key points visually helping people understand better
what and how these hooks work. NICE!!! Have we done that before? If not, we
need to do it more. Well done!

1. Can you make the intro paragraph a little more formal. I like the
"gateway" part but the "keeps everyone out" is just a little harsh and not
very technical.

2. Is it "where" or "how" to login? Just thinking.

3. Consistency. Use login, log in, not Log in unless it is the start of a
sentence. We had a discussion last year on the proper usage of log in
verses login. Most use login, but I'm not sure who won in that long
discussion. Might we worth a check.

4. We decided a couple months ago not to use example.com/wordpress/ in
examples as it is a keyword and causes all kinds of problems.
example.com/directory/ I think was a good alternative.

5. "The other goes to your site's front." Consider "The other link goes to
the front page of your WordPress site." (Need to get those keywords in

6. "Customize the Logo and Link" I think might be better titled as
"Customize the Log In/Login" whichever word wins the day.

7. Your examples are great but a bit confusing. The first proposes
replacing the logo and describing where the image was stored. Nice. Then
you talk about how this doesn't really put "the image" into the login but
adds a background image, which takes the user to a new level of web design
understanding. I recommend that you introduce it something like this (make
it better):

The WordPress logo is set with a combination of HTML and CSS, a heading tag
wrapped around a link to your site. The heading tag features the background
image of the logo.

<h1><a href....</a></h1>

You can change the background image with your site logo or a company logo
in the WordPress Theme's functions.php by using [[WordPress hooks]] such as
with this example using an image stored in the active Theme subdirectory
named /images.

code here

- - -

Does that make a little more sense in the flow of understanding how it
works? I'm just trying for clarity.

8. I love "Login with Style" but maybe we need to make it a little more
boring with "Styling Your Login." Hate squashing fun things like that, but
I want those search keywords to be really relevant as we're currently
fighting with EVERYTHING WordPress.org in the search results. LOVE the
great specific CSS selectors list. Excellent!!! Don't assume they've read
the previous parts at this point and add instructions on the placement of
the function code in the functions.php.

"For instance, WordPress uses this CSS, in login.css), to insert the
logo..." Not sure what happened but this should be more assertive and
cleaned up to be something like, "WordPress uses the following CSS in the
login.css stylesheet to insert the logo and hide the heading text..." And
I'm THRILLED you added that to help clarify the point and help those who
wish to use text and not an image. They have to change that in order to see
the text (where is it? Where did it go?). :D

9. Let's make Customizing the WordPress Login the prime header for that
section and Styling the Login, Login Hooks, and Make a Custom Login Page
subheads for that section.

10. Can you provide a clean example of using the wp_login_form under custom
login page?

Great job!!!!!!



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> release the hounds:
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> tell me what needs fixing and i'll do it asap,
> or feel free to fix yourself.
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