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Not every place but in the first paragraph where they come up. Anchor Text
is lovely, too, but it needs to be like:

WordPress Themes that support the feature can customize the layout and
styling of posts according to Post Format type, generally by altering the
WordPress Loop output for posts with a given Post Format type, or by
targeting specific CSS classes applied to such posts.

Post doesn't have to be capitalized, only Pages. PITA. :D

The WordPress Loop is usually referred to as the WordPress Loop as opposed
to other loops like around the neck and so on. :D

It's definitely on the right track, and good catch on cutting back on some
of the informal tenor but watch the over scholarly stuff as it confuses
people who "just want to fix the f#$king Theme." We put the really informal
language into WordPress Lessons and work hard to find an even, educated,
but not over the top language (filled with too much jargon) on the rest.
You're doing great.

Just be careful not to present something that will clunk the reader. The
callback function is an example. Link to everything and anything that looks
like a "new thought" to help them figure out what it is if they don't know,
and you've got it.

Totally on the right (write) track. Love it.

And you are right about the Themes documents. A lot of work needs to go
into all of them. They are on my to do list, which I'm updating on the
WordPress.com Codex Docs Team To Do List blog even as I write this.

I'm also thinking about doing a couple of projects to get more activity on
the Codex and will need some leadership to help cover bases. I want to
start motivating WordPress Meetup groups to have a "Codex meetup" or even a
social day dedicated to working on the Codex. I'm going to work with my new
college classes to maybe get them to do a session working on the Codex as
well to set an example. Got some ideas that might help or some things to
add to the to do list for such a project?



On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 12:05 PM, Chip Bennett <chip at chipbennett.net> wrote:

> Are you saying that every place "Theme" appears, I should use "WordPress
> Theme", and likewise for "WordPress Loop", "WordPress Plugin", etc.? Or
> only for anchor link text? (A certain amount of bile begins to rise at the
> suggestion to wordsmith merely for the sake of SEO, but I'll do my best to
> follow marching orders. :) )
> I've added in an example after_setup_theme callback function for
> add_theme_support(). Good catch!
> Otherwise: is this on the right track?  I've tried to reorganize the
> information a bit more logically, and take out much of the informal tenor
> of the prose - but what might be logical to me may be illogical to others.
> (Future project: all of the "Theme Features" pages would benefit from
> having a consistent structure; I tried to emulate others, such as
> Navigation Menus, Post Thumbnails, etc, but all were slightly different.)
> Chip
> On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 1:42 PM, Lorelle VanFossen <lorellevan at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Great job. Looking good.  Watch for opportunities to add WordPress
>> Themes,  WordPress Loop, and WordPress Plugins at every place possible to
>> keep this in the SEO eyeballs.
>> In the first code example you write about the callback function and don't
>> give a clear example of that. Give it for the clueless. :-)
>> Great stuff. Thanks,  lorelle
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