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The article is great, and wonderfully helpful! Just what we needed.

just a couple notes that I thought I sent a while ago, but it appears not
to have made it through to the docs mailing list. Consider these a reminder
for everyone.

1. WordPress has a capital P in the middle not lowercase.

2. Plugin is Plugin not plugin or plug-in.

3. Watch consistency. In the first lists you describe the Plugins directory
as a directory and the Themes directory as a subdirectory. That implies
they are two different things, which can add to confusion. Little things
like this can throw someone off. Just be careful.

4. Avoid one word links. For example in a sentence with "Use WordPress
Hooks..." Hooks was in a link and WordPress Hooks should have been the
link. We do this for accessibility as well as clarity. Tiny words are
harder to click, and in this case, WordPress Hooks is a search term (unless
they are looking for Captain. :D ). The sentence continues with single word
links to actions and filters, which I've pretty much left because I can't
seem to edit it without changing the context or being redundant, so this is
always a challenge. Be judicial and try to keep them to a minimum of two

I've fixed these and tightened it up a little for passive voice but the
core is excellent! These are just reminder nitpicks. This is fabulous.
Thank you so much!


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> at behest of the WP Codex Things To Do List, a few months ago, i wrote  a
> "Simple How To for Functions.php":
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> Moved to http://codex.wordpress.org/Functions_File_Explained
> Thanks for contributing to Codex.
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