[wp-docs] Should we link to Plugins and Themes not in the Directory?

Lorelle on WordPress lorelleonwordpress at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 17:40:36 UTC 2011

I've posted a to do update in our Facebook page:
I got until we get an official site going. :D

A question came up with a volunteer about our policy of linking to
WordPress Plugins and Themes. If they are NOT in the WordPress Extend
directories, should we include them and link to them in the Codex?

Personally, and it's just personal as there really hasn't been a clear
policy, I link to only those in the directories. I've too many years
experience linking to Plugins and Themes on the author's pages and having
them disappear, change their information, not have the current information
nor links to the current information, etc. So I've just made it a personal

Maybe it's time to make it an official policy?

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