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Tue Jun 22 16:03:54 UTC 2010

In message 
<AANLkTintTuovggi8yM_tzj4-LdfbG9GSQsDQexAC86Lh at mail.gmail.com>, Arlen 
Beiler <arlenbee at gmail.com> writes
> Something like this would give us the
>ability to control what visitors see when they visit. If a page is not reviewed
>the latest revision is shown. If a page is reviewed, the latest stable revision
>is shown.

I suspect though that this works best were there are a lot of reviewers 
/ editors.  On the codex there's a fairly small team of admins, and a 
few key contributors who may (or may not) desire to review other work.

Also the concept of something being reviewed could discourage small, 
quick edits.

I guess what I'm saying is that I am not greatly convinced of the need 
to massively change the way Codex works.

Sufficient would, I suspect, be to limit the number of edits a normal 
user can make in a specified period.  Most spam attacks work because 
they blast a load of new pages out automatically in a short time. 
Normal users don't do this.  So all you really need is a limit on this 
sort of thing.  The admin team can easily handle small-scale spam.


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