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Tue Jun 22 15:14:52 UTC 2010

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<AANLkTinJnzDNRZogqlEcoHhMToNdlLfzvReFAbcpTqnA at mail.gmail.com>, Lorelle 
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>Matt says that now that logins are locked, new registrations to the Codex
>are temporarily blocked. They are looking at how to resolve this issue to
>permit "open" registration while controlling the level of spam and the work
>volunteers need to do to deal with it. 

Ok.  Should we be including a note to the effect that registration is 
temporarily unavailable on the Codex front page?

I thought that anti-spam measures were introduced after the last spam 
blip?  All the stuff in the search results now predates those measures. 
I haven't noticed a large scale spam attack since the last one happened 
and someone from the web team said they had turned something on to 
combat spam.


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