[wp-docs] [wp-hackers] Codex and old versions of WordPress

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Sat Jun 19 19:31:58 UTC 2010

In message 
<AANLkTim2GNXTnXTHGWxDrBROGnp3_KJoHNsENutSuKCz at mail.gmail.com>, Lorelle 
on WordPress <lorelleonwordpress at gmail.com> writes
>I've cleaned up the task list a bit and included
>I recommend that everyone pitch in and mark appropriate pages as old
>pages, request for deletion, or deprecated so they will appear on the
>Special Pages listing for those.

Good idea.  I'd also add checking for and purging out old, excessive, 
unnecessary or seo-grabbing links.  There tends to be far too much in 
there at the moment that's no better than a google search, and where we 
have, say, one link that singles out a plugin, it looks as if it's being 
actively recommended ahead of others, which is not so great.


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