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hakre hanskrentel at yahoo.de
Tue Jun 8 08:29:26 UTC 2010

> Finding a way to make this process work without the "I" and credit and 
make it a team effort is the challenge.

Good point, the only answer I can give is: By creating collaborative work. Therefore this would need a healthy community.Communication problems can not be solved by software.

You should spend some time with team-leaders who have some experience with such issues (wikipeidians *might* be nice to talk with, but if you find contact to someone how has experiences in establishing intranets in larger companies is a good start as well). I had the feeling next to all the shortcomings this world has, doing collaborative work in a wiki software like the mediawiki we already have (not that it won't need a lot of love) does fairly good work at that end - even in the times of today.

I could imagine if the codex wiki had a working editor for example, this would engage others to contribute more. That's something I see unfixed for ages. Next to that a little CSS touch-up maybe? What should be done first here is to run a little usability test iteration over the wiki, because with so light changes there you could make a big difference.

And next to that, there is a whole new world to discover. E.g. if you want to better structure content I suggest to extend wiki with semantics:


That can be pretty rocking (and save the project resources while doing the redesign, if the current suggestions have not set into stone yet).


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