[wp-docs] Copyright implications of using templates taken from Wikipedia

mrmist listswpdocs at mist.org.uk
Mon Jun 7 18:48:40 UTC 2010

In message <02de01cb063a$e34fd1c0$6401a8c0 at dell8600>, Michael E. Hancock 
<justmichaelh at gmail.com> writes
>There's been a few templates [1] added to Codex recently that are taken 
>from Wikipedia.
>Are there any copyright issues involved with using those templates in Codex?

The copyright messages on Wikipedia seem to relate to the content itself 
rather than the delivery mechanism, so I can't be sure. 

There may I suppose be licensing issues if the templates class as 
content and the license to use the content is not applicable to the 
WordPress Codex.


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