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Hempton-Smith <hempsworth at gmail.com> writes
>I think accrediting peoples contributions to codex articles, and retain a
>certain amount of the "I" as well as the "we" would perhaps encourage
>more contributions.
>If I go to any codex page now, I can't actually see who started it, who was
>the last person to add to it, how many lines/words were contributed...
>However, when it comes to code, we can see how many patches/commits
>people have made, etc etc.

Actually you can see all that stuff in the Codex history...

That aside though, I believe that the Codex should be as it is - a 
repository for instructional information: not a place where people add 
their contributions purely as a way to gain popularity or link juice for 
their own websites.  Some "contributions" amount to little more than a 
link, to be especially harsh.

I'm all for a drive to document, and would help as much as I can (though 
I'm more of a maintainer than a core documenter unless it happens to be 
an areas that I know something about.) but I wouldn't like to see a 
free-for-all where the effort is in fact to get your[1] name attached to 
as many docs as possible so that you[2] become more popular.

[1] Using your in the general sense here, not your specifically.
[2] And again.

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