[wp-docs] bookmark-template.php

phpWalter phpWalter at torres.ws
Sat Oct 3 05:40:43 UTC 2009

I'm trying to to do an analysis on the various "wp_list_*" functions in the
various template files.

Bookmarks is my first run at this.

I have a question on the documentation on this function...

(string) Text for the heading of the links list. Defaults to
'__('Bookmarks')', which displays "Bookmarks" (the __('') is used for
localization purposes). Only used with categorize set to 0 (else the
category names will be used instead). If passed a null (0) value, no
heading is displayed, and the list will not be wrapped with <ul>, </ul>
tags (be sure to pass the categorize option to 0 to this option takes


'categorize' is defaulted to '1', meaning TRUE (that's another discussion).

If TRUE, than the categories are displayed and not the word "Bookmarks"; as
the dox state.

If set to FALSE, the word "Bookmark" is shown and not the individual
categories; as the dox state.

But...  "If passed a null (0) value, no heading is displayed"

This is not the case. If a NULL is passed, the conditional check does a
backhand Boolean check and "Bookmark" is displayed.

Is the dox incorrect, or is the function incorrect?



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