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Lorelle VanFossen lorellevan at gmail.com
Thu May 1 18:59:35 GMT 2008

I agree totally with you, and the volunteers are working as hard as they
can. I'd love to get this whole thing moving in the direction it needs to
go, and working with volunteers to do that has been frustrating, it's true.
There is a lot of enthusiasm and not a long time commitment, though there
are some incredibly dedicated folks really pounding away at this - they are
the minority. Yes, there needs to be someone in charge of documentation, but
that's a decision for Automattic to make. For now, stay tuned for the
remaking of the TOC and I think the movement through the Codex will be
dramatically changed.

And thanks for helping us serve the beginners. I really want to expand the
WordPress Lessons area, so take a look there and at the guidelines for that
area to see what your gift for helping the beginners so beautifully might be
able to tackle. We need a lot of beginning how to articles on adding an
avatar (beyond the tech guide - very basic instruction), how to process the
Akismet comment spam queue faster, how to add images (step by step with
gallery tips), and so many basic tutorials. We also need videos and podcasts
attached to each.

I have time coming up that I've set aside to hack and whack the Codex, so
stay tuned for some great things. And I'll be calling for a lot of volunteer
help to get some of the new things done. Stay tuned and thanks for your

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