[wp-docs] Proposal for Codex:Guidelines

Lorelle VanFossen lorellevan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 17:24:52 GMT 2008

Thank you for your effort but before you go too far, please see:


As a guide to what is already in place.

As an organic manual, these have evolved over time. Names for things have
also changed, and we're trying to be very strict about consistency with
naming references. See http://codex.wordpress.org/Administration_Panels for
the current namings of parts and pieces. For example, the WordPress
Administration Panels are not called the "Dashboard" which is a specific
panel in the Administration Panels. WordPress Plugins are Plugins not
plug-ins, and Pages in WordPress are capitalized to avoid confusion with
pages as web pages which any page in a WordPress blog could be but Pages are
different - don't get me started on the stupid naming. I fought that when it
was created and lost. Check out
http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Semantics which goes on to define the
WordPress terminology.

We definitely need help and I spend a lot of time editing documents to
maintain this consistency in style, so all help is welcome.

Thank you,

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