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Lorelle VanFossen lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Thu Feb 22 16:10:57 GMT 2007

Very good recommendations all around. I've been trying to get these 
sections improved and expanded for a very long time. Thanks to all.

As for the issue of showing the example of a "well-written" Plugin, this 
is of critical importance. 
http://guff.szub.net/2006/04/06/my-widget-example-wordpress-widget/ has 
a brilliant example of the ideal Widget code. If we set the standard by 
example of the proper, step-by-step outline of a Plugin, it will be 
followed to the letter. This is what happened with the Default WordPress 
Theme. A majority of all WordPress Themes are based upon it, buggy code 
and all.

People like shortcuts and if we give them a solid foundation shortcut, 
they will perpetuate the good and not the bad.

As for the rest of the earlier comments on Codex structure, the front 
page is under serious reconstruction behind the scenes to make it more 
user friendly. The WordPress Lessons section is the "tutorial" section, 
though in the early days we were less disciplined about keeping 
documentation out of it and tutorials out of documentation since we had 
so few documents to work with. I'll be cleaning that up very soon, too.

I'm leaving the Developer Docs and Advanced Topic section to you guys 
for now, since I want to concentrate on structure, TOC, and tutorials. 
I'm also going to be working on adding some great new features over the 
next few months. Be patient. ;-)

A while ago I created an outline for the structure of the Codex which 
still holds water in many ways.


Please take a look at it, especially in the documentation areas, to see 
if there is some helpful structure and ideas there. It's dated, but may 

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