[wp-docs] Structure of documentation

Martin Sturm msturm10 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 08:49:40 GMT 2007

2007/2/21, Jennifer Hodgdon <yahgrp at poplarware.com>:
> Regarding a complete plugin example, I think there are plenty of
> plugin examples out there, and I do not think that the article really
> needs to have the complete plugin code in it, since there are so many
> places to download plugins. Style is good; there is an article in the
> Codex about WordPress programming style, so probably it's not
> necessary to expound on that a lot in "Writing a Plugin".

I think it can be of value to write an article based on the complete
creation of a plugin. You simply shouldn't use a very complex plugin I
think. The current "Writing a Plugin" article could easily transformed
into this, by adding some sample code. Let me now when one of you has
finished this article, maybe I can read it and provide some feedback.
I think the writing of plugins is the most common 'development' task,
so good documentation on this part is important.


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