[wp-docs] Structure of documentation

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Wed Feb 21 22:13:07 GMT 2007

Hi Andrew,

I think the place to put a better description of the steps to writing 
a plugin is the existing "Writing a Plugin" article, which definitely 
needs a rewrite. I was going to do it, within a week or two, but if 
you want to, please feel free (let me know if you plan to do this, so 
we don't both work on it at once).

There are also a couple of better (than the existing article) 
references linked at the bottom of Writing a Plugin. I think at least 
one of them does pretty much what you suggested -- goes through step 
by step with complete code given.

Also note that there are other plugin-related articles that go into 
details of some of the steps you are talking about. So my suggestion 
would be to have an overview of those steps in "Writing a Plugin", and 
link to the articles with the details. For example, don't go into 
detail about Filters and Actions, just mention and link to the "Plugin 
API"  article.  You will obviously need to become familiar with the 
articles that are out there, so you don't waste a lot of time 
reinventing the wheel.

Regarding a complete plugin example, I think there are plenty of 
plugin examples out there, and I do not think that the article really 
needs to have the complete plugin code in it, since there are so many 
places to download plugins. Style is good; there is an article in the 
Codex about WordPress programming style, so probably it's not 
necessary to expound on that a lot in "Writing a Plugin".

Let me know how you are planning to proceed....

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