[wp-docs] Lesson on Writing a Custom 404 page or result

lorelle at cameraontheroad.com lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Thu Mar 31 01:03:18 GMT 2005

I've been hunting on and off for a couple days to see if there is something 
specific on the Codex or otherwise on creating a custom 404 response in WP 
and how to create the 404.php if the Theme doesn't come with it.

I've learned little, unfortunately, and I think this would be a good Lesson 
to add.  I need to know if this information is already in the Codex, and 
where, and if not, tips on what people are doing to create their 404.php 
file and customed response from within the Loop on Page Not Found.

One person on the chats told me that they use wp_get_archives() in their 
Loop to generate the most recent posts to help lost people.  That's neat.  I 
asked about which file to use as a template in order to base a new 404.php 
template file on, and didn't get much help on that.  I'm not sure how much 
of the Loop to leave in or out and how to edit it....etc.

Anyway, any tips and resources to help put together such a Lesson would 
really help people, I'm sure.

Lorelle VanFossen
On the Road: Just moved from Israel to Mobile, Alabama
New and updated site:  www.cameraontheroad.com 

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