[wp-docs] Wiki Weekend - Template Tags

lorelle at cameraontheroad.com lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Mon Mar 28 15:08:09 GMT 2005

I went through ALL of the template tags and changed each Example 1, Example 
2, etc. to a title that "describes" the example. This should better help 
those looking for specific examples and having to translate the paragraph 
and code to figure out what the example is about.  More user friendly.

I also left a few "notes" in the discussion section on some tags when I had 
a question about usage and how that usage was displayed in the examples. 
Hopefully Kaf, or whoever will check those and help answer the question and 
improve the examples of the tags.

I also started creating a "Default Usage" as the first example for some of 
the more complicated tags.  Going through the list of parameters, it's often 
hard to see what is the default and then remember what it is when you start 
filling in all the quotes and boolean - include, not include, how to 
include - so I created a "list" of the default returns on a tag in the 
Default Usage example to show what would happen if the tag was just used as 
<?php the_tag(); ?> and no parameters set.  I found that incredibly helpful, 
and I hope others will.  If not - delete it.

When possible and appropriate, I added a "graphic" representation of the tag 
results with CSS to help the user better understand the result.

When applicable, I added three examples, growing in complexity, for the 
template tag to help the user better understand the optional uses.  For the 
really complex tags, we might consider adding more, especially for the 
popular categories, archives, and Pages tags.

I wanted to add a visual example of the results of the archives tags, but I 
don't use them and I'm not familiar with what the results would "look" like. 
Give me some text examples and I'll go in and add the CSS around them, but I 
didn't want to assume.

I cleaned up not only the examples, but on a few of the tags I reworded a 
few of the descriptions to make it easier to read.  I do hope I didn't mess 
up and change the meaning of any of the tags, or screw up the example so it 
won't work....so double check, please.

Tags without parameters or examples other than default usage, I checked and 
then left alone for the most part.

Also, when possible I test drove some of the tags to understand their usage 
better.  If it borked, it could be because I didn't understand how it worked 
or there's a problem with the tag.  I left a note in the discussion area of 
these tags.  In particular, I had terrible problems with the link_pages() 
tag which I can reproduce the stylized effect, but the default "Page 1 2 3" 
shows up anyway so I have two tags on any post that has mulitple pages. 
That's not fun.  Since I couldn't find anywhere where the link_pages was 
being generated by default (must be built-in somewhere), I left a note to 
figure how how this works so others won't use the tag and get the same 
double paging results.  The Codex article should show how this tag REALLY 
works in the real world.

And mucho THANKS to the whoevers who put together the template tags menu and 
pages.  Wow.  A serious amount of work.  I only hope my humble fussings 
improved them and complemented the work already there.

There's more, but this is enough for one post.


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