[wp-docs] Troubleshooting Themes - Got a Problem with a Theme?

lorelle at cameraontheroad.com lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Fri Mar 25 14:48:18 GMT 2005

I'm going to put together a Troubleshooting Themes article for the Codex and 
I need some help and input.  What problems or challenges have you 
encountered installing and using themes?  If it is something like "I didn't 
like the color of the header", we got that one.

We're looking for issues involving:

* Downloading and installing Themes

* Choosing and Viewing Themes - I'm hearing a lot of "uploaded them and now 
I can't see the themes I uploaded" and "I chose my theme but there is 
nothing but white on my screen - no theme" on the forums - I need to review 
these for answers but if you know the answer - pop it in here!

* Theme Author Issues - Common design or coding mistakes and where to get 
more help on these in addition to the Developing Themes articles

* Template Issues - Missing templates, damaged templates, replacing 
templates, template for main page and categories but different for single, 
template for main page and single but different for categories....

* Loop Issues - Changing from excerpt to whole post or reverse. Having the 
Loop's conditional tags call single.php if single, category.php if category, 

* Changing The Theme - where to look for which part in which templates, 
using a sandbox, tracking down CSS references in the generated HTML and the 

* Plugins in Themes - may cause problems if the plugin tag is present but 
the plugin isn't activated. Other "plugins in themes" issues - specifically 
downloaded themes with plugins not adding plugins to a theme afterwards.

* What else?  I know there is something or three I've missed.

I will also include links in the article to Troubleshooting CSS, Browser 
Bugs, Theme Development and the rest.  I want to keep this similar to the 
FAQ so it is question and answer solutions or more information.

Pitch in and pick up the shovel folks - I need some questions and answers on 
these issues so I can maybe take a good crack at it this Wiki Weekend.


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