[wp-docs] DRAFT has got to mean something, folks

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Thu Mar 24 04:42:49 GMT 2005

I do not mess with User pages unless it is to update links on the User
page that point to some deleted page.

In this particular case, I moved it in, since she announced it, and I
thought it was ready to be moved in, and that's what she'd wanted.

When she told me it wasn't so, I undid my changes and informed everyone of it.

Please feel free to point out any incorrect actions in any of the above.

That a page is a User: page is sort of like a Template, so i do not
think we need a template to mark user pages. There is a "new page
created" template that was used when the standard way was to create
User: pages and then tag it when it's ready to be moved in. i guess we
can continue to use that.


On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 23:28:13 +0000, api devlab <api.devlab at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have to agree with Lorelle's point, I have been lurking a litte on
> the Codex and this list for a few weeks now and have also seen some of
> my handy work be questioned. I have never used Media Wiki before but
> have found it to be a powerful and flexible  tool. Lorelle's point is
> completely valid & has to be respected, those of us who use the Codex
> will follow the guidlines that have been set out on the site and for
> this reason the enthusiasm shown by some has to be kept in check, if a
> page is in a 'User' area then it should be treated as Work in Progress
> / Draft etc etc I don't know the specific admin featurs available to
> Media Wiki but it would seem appropriate in some ways to notify users
> & contributers that this is the case, maybe a Template?
> Ed
> ApiDevlab
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