[wp-docs] For new Jewel and other want-to-contribute-but-dont-know-how folks

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Wed Mar 23 23:55:38 GMT 2005

Jewel wrote:

> Ok, just going to pick up my shovel now.:-)
>  My current silly irritation, is why I cant get the quicktags toolbar 
> to  appear correctly above the comments form. I tried Owen Winkler's 
> plugin,  but the buttons that appear are ridiculously huge, and no 
> amount of css  styling will reduce them in size. I want them to be 
> styled roughly the  same as the toolbar in the write post panel.  I 
> believe, (or think I read  somewhere), that there is a method of using 
> the quicktags.js  in comments,  but have found no info about this 
> anywhere, apart from said plugin. Maybe  info about this could go in 
> the comments section?  (I am using Kubrick  with my own css 
> modifications, but the basic template is reasonably  fundamentally 
> unchanged.btw if this is relevant).
> Jewel

Eek.  Where's your site?  Email me off-list and I'll take care of it 
right after dinner (which is going on while I type this - my wife is 
going to beat me again...).  Be sure the plugin is active until we get 
the problem fixed, ok?  I *will* email you.


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