[wp-docs] For new Jewel and other want-to-contribute-but-dont-know-how folks

Jewel jewel at jewelwg.net
Wed Mar 23 23:38:49 GMT 2005

> Pick up a shovel and start digging.  We need you!

Ok, just going to pick up my shovel now.:-)

  My current silly irritation, is why I cant get the quicktags toolbar to  
appear correctly above the comments form. I tried Owen Winkler's plugin,  
but the buttons that appear are ridiculously huge, and no amount of css  
styling will reduce them in size. I want them to be styled roughly the  
same as the toolbar in the write post panel.  I believe, (or think I read  
somewhere), that there is a method of using the quicktags.js  in comments,  
but have found no info about this anywhere, apart from said plugin. Maybe  
info about this could go in the comments section?  (I am using Kubrick  
with my own css modifications, but the basic template is reasonably  
fundamentally unchanged.btw if this is relevant).


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