[wp-docs] First Steps With WordPress

Michael D.Adams mikea at turbonet.com
Wed Mar 23 09:05:01 GMT 2005

On Mar 22, 2005, at 8:57 PM, Carthik Sharma wrote:
>> 2. The status (yes or no) on mdawaffe's panel explanations - are they  
>> ready
>> or not.  If yes, please add these links willy nilly in the article.
> MDAWaffe, what do you say? Clean up and move in? I am fine with it, if
> it is useful in such occasions as these, and others.

Fine with me.  Since writing them and talking about them here, however,  
I've come to Matt's conclusion that they are not as useful as other  
documentation (in the sense that they will not be as frequently used)  
and to your conclusion, Carthik, that they are a pain to write and  
maintain.  To continue with the name dropping, though, I still hold  
with Podz' view that this stuff needs to be documented since there may  
be people who find the articles very useful, and with Morgan's that any  
good documentation will have such a section.

I've convinced myself that the best solution is to include better  
descriptions within WordPress itself (with links to Codex as necessary)  
about what every bit does.  But maybe those descriptions/links will  
come from these articles.

I think they're ready to go in.

What they need:
Import links needs help
Upload needs help
[[Discussion Options]] needs redirect from [[Discussion SubPanel]] (or  
needs to be renamed)
Screenshots with numbered and/or colored regions - preferably Firefox
And some other stuff I can't think of, but hopefully you all can.


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