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Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Wed Mar 16 14:08:15 GMT 2005

So do we have a decision on this ?

1 - Users are NOT removed.
Now this is either an absolute rule or it is pointless. Right now, we 
have a user called "A2gay.org.uk" who has made no contributions. If 
tomorrow I wake and find that we have A3, A4 .... A999 then they stay 
too. Yes ?

2 - We (I'll cheerfully do it) go through and delete ALL users who have 
made no contribution. I would think that a period of warning (a month ?) 
to ask users to create a user page or make a small change anywhere which 
simply indicates that they are there are active.

It's simply about keeping a decent house, and I do not see why we have 
to copy what this wiki or that wiki is doing - it's Codex, we built it, 
we make the rules, and if one of our rules is that you have to have made 
a contribution to stay, then why not ?

I would even say that if you create a User: page, and you are not a 
spammer, that you are never deleted. Okay, so that bit isn't perfect and 
needs some talking, but let's not go down the non-thinking route - which 
is how I see (1) above.
I'm not trying to be inflammatory, but it seems that a suggestion for 
discussion has caused two camps, and I'm sure that both can create the 
bridge with some constructive thinking. This proposal would /never/ have 
been met with such emotion had we all been sat round a table would it ?
Perhaps it should be discussed in #chill ?  :)

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