[wp-docs] new codex page for developers/dev discussion?

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Fri Mar 11 04:09:30 GMT 2005

Charlie wrote:

> That's already a much better name, I agree.  Not to be semantically 
> nit-picky, but I think "Alternate" should, as an adjective, probably 
> be "Alternative"...  and is the "Using" necessary?  What about just 
> [[Alternative Databases]]?

"Alternate" does imply that you're going to alternate between two 
databases periodically, so yes, that's not quite the right word as far 
as usage goes.  "Using", though, is necessary because it tells the 
reader what's going to happen to the alternative database, as opposed to 
deleting, installing, coding, or eating it.

> Seems to me there is a slight difference between the impressive work 
> on [[User:ringmaster/Developer_Documentation]] and what I was shooting 
> for with the database page.  Ringmaster's is documenting what is there 
> now, whereas I was going for a section for discussion and woodshopping 
> of future development ideas, and roadmapping for features and such.  
> I'm sure this is stuff that the development team already does, but 
> doesn't publicize; it would be neat to get the community in on it.

Hmm, the documentation for submitting issues and feature requests to 
Mosquito is not yet written...


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